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Setelah 61 tahun

May 26, 2009 1 comment


Sejak 1948 umat Islam di Palestin mengharungi jihad menentang Zionis, kini beritanya mula bertapak di bumi Malaysia

Tahniah kepada semua pejuang ! Usahamu telah diperhatikan masyarakat dunia.

Sumber foto : al-jazeerah.

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Pandangan Barat..

December 19, 2008 Leave a comment


AFTER WINNING a 57-seat majority in the national 222-member parliament in the Malaysian elections at the weekend, one would expect the Barisan National Alliance to be celebrating its return to power. Not so: members of the Alliance have been stunned by the result, and many have called for the resignation of the incumbent Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.



Despite its re-election, the stocks of the Alliance have deteriorated dramatically. In the previous parliament, the Alliance had a 177-seat majority; it also controlled 12 of Malaysia’s 13 states, but, in state elections held at the same time as the national ones, the Alliance was thrown out of power in four more states.

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US Govt Wins Case Against Muslim Charity

December 13, 2008 Leave a comment


“United States citizens have spoken in this case, and said with a resounding verdict of guilty that we will not tolerate those who choose to finance terrorism,” U.S. Attorney Richard Roper said.

Holy Land became the government’s signature victory in the tough-to-convict pursuit of terrorism financing cases. Lengthy prison sentences may await Holy Land’s five convicted leaders, and some could be locked away for life. Counting the collapse of last year’s original Holy Land trial, the government has stumbled in terrorism-financing cases. Two other high-profile trials in Chicago and Florida ended without convictions on the major counts.

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